Things You Can Polish With Batoca

• Cars
• Boots
• Guitars
• Marble Floors
• Sanding 
• Wooden Floors
• Ceramic

Find Out Which Polisher Would Be Perfect For You

This is what comes in the boxes of each of our polishers

Heavy Cutting Rotary Polisher

Perfect for heavy duty polishing

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4.6 Rating On Amazon | 930+ Ratings

“2016 black F-150 was getting dull with the help of McGuire's polish and this buffer made it look like new again” - Robert Johnson

Ergo Pro Wireless Polisher

Ergonomic design that makes polishing feel like a game

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4.5 Rating On Amazon | 12+ Ratings

“This makes buffing small blemishes on my vehicles so much easier. It's nice that you don't have to run an extension cord and plug it in. Works great and the battery lasts a while!” - Howard

All Rounder Wireless Polisher

Cord free convenience that can polish multiple surfaces

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4.4 Rating On Amazon | 48+ Ratings

“It's a great polisher after you find out how it works. If you give it a bit pressure and then lift, it spins more. It was my first time polishing, but my car was shining and no more water marks. I used 3D Speed to polish” - Damion Redz